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  1. Nirr
    You have helped to turn my thinking around, towards honestly looking at myself and committing to myself in the body that I am in this moment. I find myself beginning to listen to my body's sensations of hunger, and EAT rather than try to control the hunger and abstain from eating as I have done for most of my adult life.
  2. Moogurg
    The most precious attributes I possess are my living vitality and my sense of self. The body is a precious gift from all the life that has gone before me on the living Earth. My body is made up of cells, each of which carries in its DNA the organic wisdom – or success story – .
  3. Meztik
    Jul 18,  · In a few short weeks it will be September. We (the Silent Eye) have been invited to speak at the Unitarian Society of Psychical Studies annual conference at the Nightingale Centre in Derbyshire.. We use this lovely place for our main annual event in April each year.
  4. Tygole
    Everybody hopes that the fresh night air will cool the planet. But the night has awakened the mutated creatures, that found refuge under the ground. Their bodies carry new improved genes. We are now their food. As soon as the sun dips behind .
  5. Kigagor
    Yoga of Jesus Christ. Recently I received an angry letter. Its author wrote that love for God is regarded in Orthodoxy as a temptation, which may cause psychical problems And this temptation comes from the devil So, it follows that the devil prompts people to love God?.
  6. Fauzuru
    Aug 10,  · Paths's style is a lo-fi atmospheric black metal with a lot of psychedelic influences. His music is extremely soothing and minimalist. This is a great band that should be more recognized for the amazing work he has done, and I highly recommend this band for everyone. I Turn My Body From the Sun ()Author: Apocynthion.
  7. Tomi
    I've send out my sincere apologies towards some parents I've looked up. I am in one way happy I dont fit in because humans suck anyway ;) lol Love to all! The one thing in me more powerful than a general misanthropy is an inescapable compassion for individuals.

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