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  1. Samuzshura
    Property of Serbian National Library was plundered in the First World War. The original Nemanja’s Charter of Founding of Hilandar Monastery disappeared then. Dozen manuscripts were found later and repurchased from private owners in Germany which indicates that other manuscripts that were evacuated from Belgrade might still be found.
  2. Tojagis
    Book Notes - Joshua Cody "[sic]" "Zvoni Zvonce (A Little Bell Rings)", Serbian folk song, date unknown (old) My recording of this extraordinary song is on the the fifth volume of the World Library of Folk and Primitive Music, a collection compiled by groundbreaking ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax. Everyone should own it.
  3. Grorg
    Da i oni za koje se pretpostavlja da dobro vladaju engleskim (prevodioci) nasedaju zamkama doslovnog prevoenja pokazuju titlovi filmova koje svakodnevno gledamo na televiziji, o emu svedoe sledei primeri: U seriji L.A. Law izraz something is ringing preveden je sa neto mi zvoni, a radi se o idiomu ring a bell, koji znai da to osobu podsea na neto.
  4. Brazil
    for the refugees,1 a different narrative emerged of the pre‑ period. Back then, the state declared its solidarity with countries that had just won independence from the former colonial powers and organised economic aid programmes and cultural exchanges. Of great importance was the oppor‑.
  5. Aranris
    České země v éře První republiky ( - ), DÍL PRVNÍ - Vznik, budování a zlatá léta republiky ( - ) České země v éře První republiky ( - ), DÍL DRUHÝ - Československo a České země v krizi a v ohrožení ( - ) Chemie pro II. Ročník gymnázií Selections from the Satiricon.
  6. Zululmaran
    Eng-hr General Dictionary - Free ebook download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free.

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